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Flatbillers, AKA Bros - You've seen them. Those tattooed kids who drive lifted trucks, wear flat-billed hats turned to the side and constantly talk about dirt bikes. These tough guys affectionately refer to each other as "Bro". Are they for real? Or are they just posers? dives headfirst into the underground world of the Flatbiller to find out.

Flatbillers go to Havasu

Friday, April 28, 2006
Ah, Spring is in the air. That means it's time for all of the So-Cal flatbillers to put away the off-road gear and head out to Lake Havasu.

Thousands of flatbillers party it up on Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is heaven on earth to flatbillers, even better than Glamis. Where else can you show off all of your tattoos and go eight hours without putting your beer down?

The same principles of bro-packing still apply - but instead of crowding your bros into the back of your lifted truck, you squeeze them into your dad's boat and head out for a day of beer bongs and bad party music. Eight hours of sun works wonders on the freshly tattooed skin of a pasty-white flatbiller.

To improve your image, strap some wakeboards to the side of your boat. Nobody could possibly wakeboard on a crowded Havasu weekend, but the boards will give you that extreme flatbiller look, allowing you to impress all of the other bros.

Also, avoid having to ride the wave runner. A flatbilled hat cocked to the side will act just like a rudder, sending you straight into the rocks.

"A flatbilled hat cocked to the side will act just like a rudder, sending you straight into the rocks."


By Anonymous MotoX3style, at 4/27/2006 11:49:00 PM 


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/28/2006 10:25:00 AM 

You sir are a fucking idiot.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/28/2006 12:10:00 PM 

Hey bro, anybod wantz to go out nex weekend? I just put floats on my gnar sandrail that has 650 HP, i will tear up da river wit my sandrail...LOL...who want to ride wit me bro? Just bring some pussy and we will be chill.

You can check out me and my sick gnar boots sand rail here :

By Anonymous 650 HP, at 4/28/2006 12:24:00 PM 

so i just got my new kottonmouth kings hat and wanted to know how you "flatbill" it. i really like this site its my favorite so i want to hang out and dress cool to. if anyone could tell me how to properly flatten my bill to spec would be great. not over flat or bonerbill just flat. thanks and flatbillas fo life yo

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/28/2006 04:35:00 PM 

iron and starch that bad boy

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/28/2006 05:16:00 PM 

hey bro! Anyone wanna gimme a ride to havabrew bro!? My bros who gimme rides to glamis are all like, "hey, gimme gas money". So I need a new ride. Bro the bitches are sick at the lake bro. I just got this sick new SRH tat. Its bitchen. All Old English and Shit.

By Blogger Bansh88, at 4/29/2006 12:17:00 PM 

its Havascrew not brew, bro

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/02/2006 04:21:00 PM 

What do you have against Havasu? You don't like naked girls and beer? Well, to each his own... I love the sight, though, and will admit there are way too many jackasses out there and in Glamis!

By Blogger nine09nation, at 5/05/2006 02:52:00 PM 

i fucking hate flatbillers! you guys are so gay. what is your deal? you look like children. grow up! and you dont belong in havasu! get your ass back to the desert were you belong with your bad ass "sand rails" THEY ARE FUCKING DUNE BUGGYS! but i thank flat billers for hanging out with stupid girls so the adults can date.


ill fuck up all flatbillers

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/06/2006 11:46:00 AM 

the tough guys that judge should post pics of them selves to be judged i can bet they lost there girl to a bro once an just have some problems dealing with it

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/09/2006 11:42:00 PM